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The Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma Network

We are a patient lead support group for Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma in Eastern England, covering Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk. Connected with the Skull Base Team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, AMNET was created to provide community, support and resources for those diagnosed and their family and friends.

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Our Resources

We have a wealth of information available for those looking for support on Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma; from definitions and management to a comprehensive directory. Our members are also offered access to presentations and literature and access to our private Facebook group, encouraging community and peer support in the Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma community. 

Become A Member

At AMNET we believe that community is the greatest support through an Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma diagnosis. Our membership not only offers valuable support and information through our members-only resources and our regular newsletter, but through access to our private Facebook community, connecting you with others who share your experience.

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Reaching Out

Get Support

We have provided support to the many people who have contacted us over the years, offering a listening ear, access to information and sharing experiences. There will always be a listening ear who knows what your worries are, here to help prepare you for the 'big events', and offer practical advice to help you on your journey.

Support Our Cause

AMNET has no paid staff and is instead run entirely by volunteers. Our only income is from membership fees and donations. Donations enable us to keep holding face to face meetings, have guest speakers and provide support to patients. If you would like to help us to continue to carry out our important work, then please consider donating to AMNET.

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What Is AMNET?

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AMNET (The Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma Network) is a support group for people who have been diagnosed with skull base tumours such as Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma) or Meningioma in the East of England.
We offer support during the processes of diagnosis, shared decision making, management and treatment, which can be a difficult or unsettling time. Many of our members have had their treatment or continue under surveillance, and find that meeting with others is an invaluable help to them, and their families, in managing symptoms and making adjustments in lifestyle or in the workplace.

Upcoming Events

02 Mar 2024, 10:15
Zoom meeting featuring a presentation by Sara Crosland, author of Sickbed to Summits.

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Become a member for access to our private Facebook community, where you can communicate with others, share your experiences and reach out for support, anywhere, anytime.

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