AMNET (The Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma Network) is a support group for people who have been diagnosed with skull base tumours such as Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma) or Meningioma in the East of England. We have links with the Skull Base Team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK

We offer support during the processes of diagnosis, shared decision making, management and treatment, this can be a difficult or unsettling time. Many of our members have had their treatment or continue under surveillance, and find that meeting with others is an invaluable help to them, and their families, in managing symptoms and making adjustments in lifestyle or in the workplace.

We have regular meetings and produce our own newsletter AMNET Spring 2022 issue 77

We have a close association with British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA) and we thank them for their support and allowing us to link to material on their website. They hold meetings throughout the country – for more information please visit their website: https://www.bana-uk.com

Our membership is primarily based in the East of England, but as Addenbrooke’s Hospital is a centre of excellence for the treatment of skull base tumours, treating patients from around the UK and even the world, we have members from across the UK.