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 Please feel free to browse the back issues of AMNET News, the Newsletter is edited by Chris Richards, published by AMNET and distributed to members. The current issue of the Newsletter is uploaded at the time when the next one goes to the printers, so back issues are always one behind for general access.

Spring 2020
Issue 72
Colchester Neurorehabilitation and Vestibular Rehabilitation Service, a talk by Anne Glynn (MCSP MSC)
Acoustic Neuroma and balance - members stories
Remembering Mr Moffat.
Summer 2020
Issue 73
'Helpful hints for communication in healthcare setting' Sally Hardy
'Management of AN in COVID Pandemic' Professor Simon Lloyd
'Facial Palsy and Acoustic Nueuroma' Shaunagh Farragher, Speech and Language Specialist.
'10,000 steps in the right direction' Amanda Connor
Autumn 2020
Issue 74
'Psychological impact of acoustic neuroma' Will Curve
'Radiotherapy for acoustic neuroma' Catherine McBain
'On balance' Jill Laurimore
'Successful communication online' Frances Harris
Autumn 2018
Issue 69
Summer meeting July 2018
'Audiology Update' by Rachel Knappett, Senior Audiologist Adddenbrooke's Hospital
'14 year story with a happy ending' by Peter Otley
Report from BANA Conference held in Bristol October 2018
Spring 2019
Issue 70
Christmas Meeting 2018
Magnetic Resonance Imaging’, A talk by Ilse Patterson
MRIS Research & Development Radiographer, MRIS Unit,
Cambridge University Hospitals Trust
Pictures from last 70 issues
My story - Andrew Cox
Autumn 2019
Issue 71
'Cambridgeshire Hearing Help' a talk by Betty Watts
Report from AGM
BANA National Conference Oct. 2019
Members experiences with hearing aids
Spring 2018
Issue 68
Christmas meeting 2017
Presentation by DrJessica Ingham, Clinical Psychologist
'The Emotional, Social and Cognitive Behavioural Effects of Neurological Illness, Including Tumours'.
Autumn 2017
Issue 67
Summer meeting July 2017
Presentation by Dr Sarah Jefferies, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge,
Notifying the DVLA, Local meetings, Hearing aids, AGM Minutes.
Spring 2017
Issue 66
Christmas meeting 2016
'SSD Clinic. Past, present and future' Mark Smith, Specialist Audiologist
Remembering Brian Bagnall and Jill Somerwill
'Me and my little friends' by Sally Hardy
'Losing my balance made me lose my confidence' by Briony Hill
Summer 2016
Issue 65
Report of 20th Anniversary meeting by Sally Hardy
Report of AGM
News from:
• Addenbrooke's Hospital
• British Skull Base Society meeting January 2016
• Action on Hearing Loss
• Cambridgeshire Hearing Help
• Cambridgeshire Tinnitus Support Group
Dangers of button batteries
Spring 2016
Issue 64
Report from Christmas meeting by Sally Hardy, including
Joy Badcock talking about Lipreading and Lipreading Classes.
David Baguley receives ‘Golden Lobe’ award.
Research related to the impact of SSD on hearing ability and holistic approach to rehabilitation.
Alert about Mercury free hearing aid batteries.
News from other hearing charities.
'Foods to boost your hearing'
News from local Hearing Groups.
Autumn 2015
Issue 63
Debra Nash CEO of BANA;
Minutes of AGM 2015;
Letter from Roy Kershaw
'Twenty years on';
Help with Car Parking at Addenbrooke's Hospital:
'Improving the life of your Hearing Aid Battery' by Sally Hardy.
Summer 2015
Issue 62
‘Skull Base Service' by Mr James Tysome, Consultant Skull Base and Hearing Implant Surgeon;
'My SSD Hearing Improvement' by David Brown;
Real Ear Measurements' by David Brown:
'DVLA and Acoustic Neuroma'
'Hearing Loss in the Workplace'
Spring 2015
Issue 61
Kate Burton on ‘Radiotherapy in the treatment of vesticbular schwannoma’ by Kate Burton, consultant Radiographer in Neuro-oncology;
'Eyeing up the problem' by Rachel Davies;
'Balance issues' by Peter Whalley;
'Progress Report' by Peter Lawrence.
'Captioned Performances at the Theatre' by Sally Hardy;
Cambridgeshire Hearing Help Update;
Recent Research;
Autumn 2014
Issue 60
Facial Nerve Palsy by Mr Cornelius Rene, Consultant Opthalmic and Oculoplastic Surgeon;
'So far, so very good' by Peter Otley;
Disabled person's Railcard:
Car parking at Addenbrooke's,:
AMNET AGM minutes 2014;
'Patient Representative News' by Sally Hardy.
Summer 2014
Issue 59
'What you lose when you only have one working ear and what to do about it' by Professor Brian Moore;
'Cyberknife patient No 1 - three years on' by Helen Bush;
Facial Palsy UK News:
Cambridgeshire Hearing Help:
Academic articles on tinnitus;
News from BANA:
Helpful hints:
Revising the constitution;
Fundraising and donations.
Spring 2014
Issue 58
'Skull Base Team at Addenbrooke's Hospital' by Mr Neil Donnelly, Consultant Skull Base and Hearing Implant Surgeon;
Recent Skull Base Unit publications;
AMNET Communications Course;
'Hearing Notes - A tale of how we cope' by Sue and Roger Mansfield;
CAMTAD becomes Cambridgeshire Hearing Help;
'My Deaf Ear' a poem by Helen Bush:
'Decomposition - a symptom you may have experienced and perhaps not understood' by Mr David Moffat, Consultant ENT Surgeon;
News from British Tinnitus Association;
News from BANA;
Patient Representative role for Skull Base Team at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge' by Sally Hardy.
Autumn 2013
Issue 57
'Informal presentation from Helen Hewlett , Senior Physiotherapist;
Arthur Davis, longstanding AMNET member celebrated his 100th birthday;
Disabled Person's Railcard;
Helpful Hints;
'Update' from Peter Lawrence;
'AMNET News questionnaire results' by Sally Hardy;
'From 'watch, wait and rescan' to Gamma Knife Surgery and then neurosurgery for removal of an acoustic neuroma and STILL smiling' by Jeanette Flickert;
Hearing Aid maintenance training in Audiology Dept at Addenbrooke's Hospital;
AMNET AGM minutes 2013;
Action on Hearing Loss News;
'More about tinnitus'
News from CAMTAD;
News from BANA
Summer 2013
Issue 56
Karen Johnson from Facial Palsy UK, talking to us about facial palsy;
Group discussion relating to hearing difficulties and ways of overcoming them;
Single Sided Deafness Clinic Database;
'Opening of Elekta Gamma Knife Centre at National hospital for Nuerology and Neurosurgery in London;
Helpful hints;
'Wireless Hearing aids' by David Thorne
Fundraising report from School Prom at Harwich and Dovercourt High School;
News from CAMTAD
Autumn 2012
Issue 54
Vestibular Schwannomas: Past, present and future' by Mr Richard Mannion, Consultant Neurosurgeon;
Helpful Hints;
AMNET AGM minutes 2012;
'Research offers hope of better tinnitus care' by David Baguley,Head of audiology.