Books available for members to borrow:

BANA books to borrow/buy

A basic Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma

Effects an Acoustic Neuroma may have on your Memory, Emotions, Behaviour, Executive Functioning and Energy Conservation.

The Facial Nerve and Acoustic Neuroma

Headache after Acoustic Neuroma

Eye Care after Acoustic Neuroma

Balance following Acoustic Neuroma

Tinnitus. Living with noises in your head. Michael O’Toole

The Migraine Handbook. Jenny Lewis

Hearing Loss A guide to self help. Rosemary McCall

Let’s Face It Julie Ashby A Patient’s story.

A Loss of Face Facial Paralysis A guide to self  help. Diana Farragher Physiotherapist.

Plus a variety of leaflets and booklets.

DVDs available for members to borrow:

Don’t Panic Information for the newly diagnosed. BANA (DVD)