Privacy Policy

As a charity that has a membership and provides services to people, AMNET requires certain information in order to do this. All of that information, or data, is governed by the laws of the Data Protection Act 1998 in how we may use and keep it, and it is our responsibility to explain how this will be done.

By taking up a membership with AMNET, we will ask for information to be able to contact you and to provide you with the main services that are open to everyone in the organisation. You may refuse to provide certain information at any time, but this may affect the provision of some services.

·         Your information within the organisation will only be used and shared on a ‘need to know’ basis, with governance in place for how it must be used and disposed of by those using it.

·         Data will be stored safely and securely

·         If you leave the membership, we will retain your contact details on a record of ex-members for six years, to assist with accountability enquiries. If you have email, we will add this to an ex-members mailing list to inform of our continuing work. All medical specific information will be deleted. All financial data involving your membership or service provision will be stored for six years plus the current financial year, as required by HM Revenue & Customs, and will then be securely deleted or destroyed. We reserve the right to hold onto any correspondence or  document where there may be a future issue, legal or otherwise, in the protection of AMNET or a person.

·         We will not make personal information received by AMNET  available to any third party, except where clearly stated at the time of collection, with your permission or when required for legal reasons. We will never sell personal information about you.

We ask that you keep us informed of any change in your information so we are able to maintain contact with you, however, if you do not wish to be contacted by a certain means, or wish to remove yourself from any services, please let us know. You may unsubscribe from an email list at any time.