Preparing for your appointment

Following a diagnosis such as acoustic neuroma you will be referred to a specialist consultant. To get the most out of the appointment it is a good idea to prepare yourself well. This helps both you and the specialist you are seeing.

Here are some things you might like to think about and note down before you go:

  • What do you want to tell the doctor?
    • What are your symptoms?
    • When did they start?
    • What impact are they having on your life?
    • What medication are you taking?
  • What do you want to ask the doctor?
    • What does the diagnosis mean?
    • What treatments are available?
    • What are the pros and cons of the different treatments?
    • What will happen if I don’t have treatment?
    • Where can I get more information?
    • Is there any support available?
  • Do you want to take someone with you?
    • It may be important for a member of your close family or a friend to fully understand what is happening
    • Another person may pick up more from the consultation or ask the questions you have not thought of.

During the appointment

  • You may find it difficult to take on board all that you are told,
    • so ask for written information
    • the person who is with you may remember more than you do
    • find out who you can contact if you have more questions