Membership Policy

  • AMNET is a membership based charity, although we do not restrict information and support to anyone who requests it.
  • Annual subscription is on an individual or couples basis and is not transferable, and entitles the member to a full year of newsletters and access to the ‘Members’ section of the website and any available activities in which they wish to participate.
  • Membership begins from the date of payment and expires no less than a year later on either 31stJanuary or 30thJune. Reminders about membership renewal will be sent out twice yearly in January or June.
  • A 7 day cooling off period is applicable to all new subscribers only, with the option for a full refund of their subscription charge within this period if the new member considers the membership not suitable for them, or for whatever reason they do not wish to continue. Cancellations after 7 days will not be eligible for return of the subscription fee.