The Trustees (July 2021 – June 2022)

Alison Frank

Alison was the founder of AMNET in 1996 and has been a Trustee ever since. She was Chairman until 2015 and has been the first line of contact for many people who have come to AMNET over the years.

‘I had surgery to remove a meningioma, thought to be an acoustic neuroma until removal in 1993. I have two grown up children, and I am a retired Primary School teacher, and enjoy family, gardening, reading, walking, doing crosswords and listening to music.’

Chair Heidi Pratchett

Heidi has been a Trustee since 2014 and served as secretary until taking over the Chair in 2015

Alan Gosling

Treasurer Alan Gosling

Alan was elected as a trustee  and appointed Treasurer in 2017.

‘I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma in September 2013 following an ENT referral to understand the reasons for my one-sided loss of hearing.  Since diagnosis I have been on ‘Watch and Wait’ where only a minor amount of growth has been noted.  I have a CROS aid to manage the effect of my hearing loss.  I am married with two grown up children and I am employed as a Network Performance Manager for Northumbrian Water.  Outside of work I am the District Treasurer for Lowestoft District Scout Association.’

Secretary Bronwyn Lummis

Bronwyn has been a Trustee since 2011 and Secretary since 2017.

 ‘Sadly I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma in 1994 which was devastating news to hear but after my surgery I had my facial nerve cut which meant going on to have a lot more operations to my face something which I didn’t expect! But then I heard about this AMNET group which started a couple of years later we were so pleased to have the help, support and friendship of everyone in this group and to feel you are not alone.’

Trustee Charlie Lummis

Charlie has been a Trustee since 2011

‘Hearing the news about my wife Bronwyn with an acoustic neuroma was terrible and terrifying but when you have the help and support of others it does help! I go along to the AMNET group with Bronwyn to help other people within the group just listening and chatting to people being a listening ear, I also help where it is needed.’

Trustee Steve West

Steve was elected in July 2017

My name is Steve West, I first got to hear about AMNET, back in 2005 when I was given their contact details as a possible source of information, having been diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma.
I telephoned the number and was invited to attend one of the AMNET meetings so that I could meet and talk to ‘real’ people who had been diagnosed with the same condition as me. I found this meeting very helpful and the speaker really helped me to make up my mind regarding the two alternative treatment options that I had been offered.
Since then I have joined AMNET so that I can try to offer people the same reassurance and practical (non medical) advice that was so helpful to me when I needed it most.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot_20210928-195100_Gallery-002-2.jpgTrustee Alison Parkes

Alison was elected in July 2021

Hi, I’m Ali and I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma back in 2012 when I was only 31. Due it’s size and position, I had urgent surgery to remove it which left me single-sided deaf, a single-sided vestibular system and a moderate to severe facial palsy.  I have undergone several eye surgeries and am under the care now of a specialist Facial Palsy Team. 

As you can see from my profile picture, I try not to let the ‘new’ me hold me back in any way and am grateful to the people of AMNET for the support and friendships I have had over the past 10 years. Knowing you are not alone in this is so valuable and I hope to be of help to anyone who is on this journey too.

Trustee Amanda Connor

Amanda was elected in July 2021

I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma in November 2017 and due to ‘Brian’ pressing on my brainstem surgery was my only option, which was done in March 2018. AMNET support from the beginning of my AN diagnosis was so valuable to help me through pre and post surgery and on my recovery journey. I have been a member of AMNET since my diagnosis and want to provide help and support to others who are on their AN journey.